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06:00 am: Once more, forever til the end of the time, homebound.
So my weekend plans vanished as quickly as they began. But that's OK. I am going to babysit Mindy's kids, I HOPE, so I'll be still be gone most of the weekend.

I am going crazy staying here. My brother woke me up at 4:00 P.M. I do not have to be awake until 5-5:30. And I was going off on him, causing him to go off on me.
THEN when I do wake up, I find that suddenly I no longer had 9 cigarettes. I had 4. BECAUSE HE FUCKING STOLE 5!

To make matters worse, I was tired. Had interrupted sleep which makes anyone cranky. Then I had NO money, not at all, to replace the cigarettes he stole. I may be able to go awhile without smoking, but not at work.

So I took one of my dad's checks and am going to tell him Marc stole it. When he says, "He did?" I will say, "Might as well have! He stole my cigarettes causing me to steal a check to buy more cigarettes."

Fuck him.

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