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01:27 am: 'it was sort of....an accidental blowjob'
I am watching Prozac Nation with Christina Ricci. I missed the first 10 minutes, but so far it's good. Not earth shattering, but good. Different. Certain parts, the way they were filmed, make me sick.

Anywho- this guy at work, Jake, is so cool. I am in love with him. Not really. I am not interested in him being my boyfriend. I don't even think I'd have sex with him. But he is so funny. SO funny. Definitely makes work go by faster. We were supposed to get our tattoos on the same day, but nooo. He never got his. lol He is actually supposed to go today or this weekend.

He was also telling me about Bonaroo (sp?). Apparently a bunch of people are supposed to be there. Kind of like Woodstock. I guess it's going to be out in Manchester. You just camp out for like 3 days and listen to live music from all different kinds of stages.

Charlie, how close are you to Manchester, Tennessee?

Anyway- it's suppposed to be this summer sometime, 3 days, $160. He said if we go together I need to start training now on being high all the time.. lol I think I can do without, but it does sound like a blast.

I was giving Greg, at work, a hard time the other night about Maria. She's married, but is known to be a whore. Anyway- she was talking about how Greg is so hot, and soo built. And his muscles. Carrying on and on. So at break I tell Greg. He said she is mad because he wouldn't go out with her. He's very selective..Guess I should feel special.. haah At one point, he did like me. Don't know if that still stands. lol

Later on, though, we were supposed to be doing rework at the gas hearth where Greg was operating, checking form and such. Maria was all up on him. So we were walking, him to the break area and me to the computer room, and I asked where his chain was. He said, "my chain?" I replied, "Yeah. The one Maria has around your neck." He said, "She don't have no chain around my neck!" I'm like, "Yeah, but she wants one!" lol

Well, boys, I'm going to run. Chatting with Joel now then I think I am going to bed. Miss you both and Charlie, I will be calling in a day or two! When is the best time?


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Date:April 13th, 2005 05:51 am (UTC)
call me whenever. Is there a hotel in Manchester? lol I think that is a perfect Idea.. we should meet up at an event like that.. so anyone who is with you is not paranoid. lol

I dunno. There have been a few guys online who were like, "I wanna meet you.." and it completely scared me.. so now I don't want to be so eager with pressing that issue on others.
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