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01:05 am: busy bee
So I've been a busy bee lately!

Last Thursday I got to go out with Mindy and I. We went to eat at Los Amigos and had yummy Nachos Machos.

Afterwards we headed up I40 in Knoxville to look for the Henley St exit..Apparently, we should have taken I40-275 because there is not a Henley St exit on I40. Our bads. Instead we took what we thought was Papermill Drive (there are always accidents on that damn road), but apparently it was the wrong Papermill Exit as well because it did NOT take me to Northshore, like the other one does. And it's under all kinds of f'ing construction, you couldn't see shit because of the rain and it sucked all around.

We found Middlebrook Pike and found a gas station. The lady told us how to get to Kingston Pike and we finally made it to Market Square for Sundown in the City. We parked off Union St again, walked up to Gay St, crossed over to Market Square. What sucked is the concert was over and it started raining.

We made our way back to Gay St and took cover. Across the street was a pretty hopping bar called Downtown Grill and Brewery. They had a live band and there were tons of people there.

After meeting an interesting, extremely drunk guy who called us "fucking pussies" for not kissing him, we crossed over, entered the bar and the fun begin. It was awesome! SO awesome. The band rocked. We met the lead singer and got their CD which I play practically nonstop. I am in love..Haha

Overall- it was fun.

Saturday morning after work Jake, Eddie, and I went jumping again. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I hurt my butt pretty badly. It actually has bruises! lol Hit the water a little hard, that's it. :P

Today Jereca, Lee, Lisa, Eddie, Annie, Jake, and I went. Jake showed up late, but oh well. Lisa didn't jump so we had to help her climb down the rocks. Jereca, too, but later she jumped. She bruised her butt, too. Worse than mine, I believe.

Lee jumped with no problems. And I. Well, I was scared for a minute..haha.. But the water was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And now it's back to work in 14 hours. Jake told me everyone is talking shit about me and I'll probably be moved. I wanted to be moved anyway, but it hurt my feelings. That I am hated that much. It's not my work, can't be. I work as hard as everyone else, if not harder than everyone else! Forget them. Screw them. But it hurts my feelings.

Oh well. Thursday night Jake, Andrew, and I leave for Bonnaroo. VERY excited about that.

Probably update on Monday or Tuesday. :)


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Date:June 9th, 2005 05:39 am (UTC)

u can't wear a sign - this is yours- when It's not what you get.

I saw a Bonnaroo DVD in FYE, today. It made me think of you like mad crazy. The weather for our region, yours and mine, has been so muggy and humid. I would never have jumped, I would have died from the anxiety leading up to the jump, but I would have got in da' waters. hehehehehe
I can't believe you go there after all that mess before.
Ever heard of Jubilee, Tenn? I think that is the name of it.
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Date:June 9th, 2005 12:02 pm (UTC)

Re: u can't wear a sign - this is yours- when It's not what you get.

you should have bought the DVD... :) Then you could think of me nonstop. ;)

Ugh..work has been horrible because of the damn heat. horrible, horrible.
actually isn't bad. It's mad fun, really.
Jubilee does sound familiar.. Why do you ask?
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