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06:13 am: All in a day's work
It is expensive to go to Australia! $2063 for a roundtrip ticket was the cheapest I saw. I will have to work roughly 12 days overtime to pay for it. That's not bad considering the fact I am only going to save the money I get from overtime. I am not going to use my regular pay to go towards it. If I were to do that I wouldn't have to work overtime, or at least as much. But I really, really want to do this. Problem is the days that work best for Paul and I aren't necessarily the best flight wise. lol

See, I want to leave January 15th. I work that day, but I want to leave that night after work. But none of the times work. And it will take two days (with layovers lasting 10-14 hours) to get there and only a day to get back! lol Hopefully I can work something out.

I want to go ahead and get my passport and apply for my VISA. If I am approved for the VISA then I will go ahead and purchase the ticket and deal with work later. I only get 40 hours vacation and since I work 12 hour shifts that gives me 3.5 work days off. I want to see if I can do them in 10 hour increments, or even 8 hours, to where I will get a full 4-5 days off. That will lengthen my stay greatly.

If I don't go to Indiana this weekend I am going to go get my passport on Friday, as long as it's good through at least February and I'll get it in time to send off to get the visa and get it back by December.

You can apply for a VISA or an ETA (electronic travel something), but either way you need to show them your passport first. From my understanding a VISA is basically a sticker on your passport. The ETA shows up on a computer that the people at the airport in the country you are visiting can look up. I assume it is the airport that does it.

Assuming I go to Australia at all, if the ride is pleasant, the trip is pleasant, I think when I go to college it will be for international business. Anything that will let me travel. Maybe a travel agent? lol

For now, I better get going. It's 9A.M. and I've got to try to make myself sleep for work tonight. Day 1 of 12 for overtime! Actually.. I'm using this money to get a cell. So scratch that..Day 1 of 13.

Oh, does anyone know how much $1000 converts to in Australia money?!

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